The creation of SweetChef captured Heidi Hedecker's unique and talented abilities as an established pastry Chef with German heritage.

Sweetchet Combines Exquisite Ethnic Pastries with Family-oriented Kitchen Instruction

After a naming exploration that included among others: Sweet Baum, Baum House, and Baum Cooking – all a play on a derivative of her specialty offering, baumcuchen. Special attention was paid to capture the Heidi's high level of hand-crafted detail.

An online presence was created that displayed her unique capabilities. An identity was created from the ground-up with the goal of incorporating her ethnic offerings into a broader scope, demonstrating her wide array of skills as a pastry chef. With the name in place, an identity that reflects her personal skills took shape. Going forward, her web site looks to incorporate a defined product offering that will allow her to pursue corporate customers